Our Services

Together, our six companies and eight Advisory Council members provide a broad range of communications, marketing and business consulting services. We have organized our services in four primary areas: Strategy, Insight, Engagement and Analysis.

Within these areas, our combined expertise includes corporate communications, consumer marketing, public affairs, crisis communications, internal communications and employee engagement and government affairs.


We help businesses and organizations identify and assess multicultural and LGBTQ communications challenges and opportunities. Offerings include:

  • The CHANGE Audit
  • Community Outreach Opportunity
  • Media Reputation Assessment


We work with businesses and organizations to understand the needs of multicultural and LGBT communities so that they can decide how and when to engage them. Offerings include:

  • Market Readiness Educational Training
  • Messaging Development
  • Community and Cultural Assessments
  • Employee Engagement including ERGs


We partner with businesses and organizations to create audience-specific strategies for one or more multicultural and LGBT communities and help them execute related programs. Offerings include:

  • Media 101 Training
  • Media Relations
  • Influencer Networks 101 Training and Outreach
  • National, State or Local Legislative Response Toolkits
  • Consumer Advocate Partnerships
  • Brand Sponsorships
  • ERG Creation, Development and Management


We assist businesses and organizations with approaches and tools to measure the success of their inclusive marketing programs. Offerings include:

  • Market Research  
  • Internal Company Surveys
  • External Company Surveys